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    The Assessor’s Office must appraise all property in the county for tax purposes. The first step in the assessment process is to locate and identify all parcels of property. This is done through the use of assessor’s parcel maps.

    Parcel Map Guide

  • Q: What is an Assessor’s parcel?

    ​A: An assessor's parcel is an area of land delineated on a map by the County for the sole purpose of collecting taxes on property. Each assessor’s parcel is assigned a number (the assessor’s parcel number or APN) that corresponds to a location on a page in a book of maps maintained by the Assessor’s office.

  • Q: How many assessor’s maps are there?

    A: There are more than 29,128 assessor’s maps, showing almost 1,001,029 parcels of land. These maps cover the county, including all the cities as well as the unincorporated areas. ​

  • Q: What information is available from the assessor’s maps?

    A: The parcel maps show the assessor’s parcel numbers, recorded dimensions, acreage, street widths, parcel and lot boundaries, adjoining parcels and recorded map information.

  • Q: How does the Assessor’s Office obtain this information?

    A: This office receives information from government maps, recorded maps, subdivision maps, record of surveys and road surveys.

  • Q: Are street addresses and ownership shown on assessor’s maps.

    A: No. However, the map will show an assessor’s parcel number which can be used to obtain ownership and address information.

  • Q: Do assessor’s maps show dimensions and acreage?

    A: Yes. In most instances, the dimensions are noted in feet and any acreage of one-half acre or more is shown on the maps. ​

  • Q: How can I obtain an Assessor’s parcel map?

    A: You may obtain an Assessor's parcel map by one of the following options:

    Purchase a copy at the County Administration Center, 1600 Pacific Highway, Room 103, in downtown San Diego or go to the Online Parcel Map Search on the Internet.

  • Q: How do I determine if my parcel/lot is legal?

    ​A: ​Please click here for a guide that explains how lots were created, what a legal lot is, and what steps you may be able to take to resolve any legal discrepancies regarding your lot.

    County Planning & Development Services Policy G-3 Determination of Legal Parcel provides additional guidelines that can be used to determine if a lot is legal. Please click here for more information.


For further information, call the Assessor's Office at (619) 531-5588