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Wedding Keepsake
Birth Certificate
(San Diego Native)


The County Assessor/Recorder/Clerk, Ernest J. Dronenburg, Jr., provides an optional service to the public when looking for a special gift or remembrance keepsake. Individuals who were born in San Diego County or obtained a marriage license here can purchase a decorative wedding, anniversary or birth keepsake suitable for framing.

The wedding and anniversary keepsakes are adorned with a silver seal. The birth memento entitled "San Diego Native" is embossed with a gold seal. It has a silhouette of a sleeping baby in the background and comes in either pink or blue. These commemorative, 8 x 10 inch documents are being sold for $6.00 each and make excellent gifts. Please click here for APPLICATION FOR DECORATIVE WEDDING, ANNIVERSARY AND BIRTH KEEPSAKES.This document is in Acrobat PDF format.

These keepsakes are for souvenir purposes only and people who need an official document for identification purposes can purchase a certified copy of either a birth or marriage certificate through this office. For further information regarding certified copies click here for MARRIAGE LICENSES OR BIRTH AND DEATH CERTIFICATES.

Please note if a confidential marriage license was issued, only the couple may request a keepsake. If you are mailing in the request, you will need to submit a notarized statement of identity along with the application.

To place your order, you can mail in the application, or call our mail office at (619) 237-0502 for personal assistance. You can also view samples and order the keepsakes at any of the following branches: East County Office & Archives, San Marcos and at the County Administration Center, Room 260. Click here for Branch phone numbers and locations.